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Do Not Let The Media Scare You From Using A Canadian Pharmacy

canadian-pills2If you listen to what the American media will tell you about going through a Canadian pharmacy you might be scared away from doing so. Why do you think this is? Well one reason is because the America media does not want people to look for alternatives. A lot of the major media outlets get kickbacks from the big drug companies and they have a lot of power. What are some of the scare tactics they might use to keep people from using a Canadian pharmacy?

You will be told that if you use a Canadian pharmacy you are going to be facing serious prison time because it is illegal to do. You will be told that no matter the situation you will be prosecuted and it will cost you a lot of money in fines.

While going through a Canadian pharmacy might not be legal technically, it actually happens a lot and sometimes with the assistance of American doctors. The reality is that as long as you are getting an amount that is for personal use you will be left alone. The worst that can really happen is your drugs will never reach you and if this is the case it is the fault of whatever source you are using.

The America Postal Service inspects every package that comes across the boarder, but this is not the case when using private couriers. Do not let the America media make you believe you are going to be criminally prosecuted because you order drugs from a Canadian pharmacy.

You will be told that the drugs you get are going to come from inferior sources that will not be as good as what you could find at American pharmacies. And of course no one with a serious health problem wants to risk getting something that will not work for them.

American pharmacies and Canadian pharmacies both get their drugs from the same drug companies. Canada might have some different options if you are open to them, but this will be entirely up to you. When the American media tell you that what you get from across the boarder is going to be inferior this is only to get you to stay with American sources.

Canada has no reason to lie about where they get their drugs from. Plus up there the government controls the price of drugs. This is the main thing that keep the price down. So you have nothing to worry about in this regard. The drugs you would get from a Canadian source will work just as good as what you would get from an American source.

You will be told that a lot of the sources you might go through are not going to be real operations. This is going to lead you to believe that finding real Canadian pharmacies is going to be next to impossible so you will likely not even want to try.

Yes there are a lot of operations on the internet that are not real Canadian pharmacies. These are going to be places that will sell you inferior drugs that come from places you might not be able to trust. The thing is you have a lot of control over whether or not you get taken for a ride. Legit Canadian pharmacies that are online do have contact information and there is usually a special certification they have to let you know you are dealing with a source that is legit.

Plus a true Canadian pharmacy is going to offer you layers of protection. One such layer would be making sure they ship you what you ordered as fast as possible and giving you the ability to track your order. You can also speak to someone by means of online chat in order to ask questions about the drug you might be getting. There should also be a physical location address for added reassurance.

The American medias attempts to scare people away from using a Canadian pharmacy does not seem to be working well. This is evident when you look at the volume of business Canadian pharmacies are doing. It is very big and it is not slowing down.

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